audacity reading missing files as orphaned

using mac os sierra 10.12.6 and audacity 2.3.2

i started recording a somewhat large project last week (~8hrs) and was editing it the past few days. my mac’s battery is shot so i can’t remove the charger without turning it off. i’m at a different location that’s been requiring me to switch outlets so i’ve had to turn the mac off a fair number of times. i usually leave audacity and google open when i unplug just so they’ll reopen automatically when the mac turns back on. i’ve been saving the edited audio project regularly.

yesterday i unplugged/turned my mac off before checking anything beforehand. i hadn’t messed with audacity since i last saved, but it was still open when the power cut. when i turned the mac on and it reloaded, audacity gave me an error message about the project saying a large number of audio files were missing. it then came back and said it had found a number of orphaned files that were unrelated to the project and wouldn’t allow me to open them in any way.

i saved the log and went to check, and the “lost/missing” files are in the project data folder, right where they’re supposed to be, so i don’t know why audacity can’t find them. i thought the problem had been force closing audacity via the shit down and it still thought it had unsaved data, or that it took the closing as a crash. but all my data is still there, right where it’s supposed to be. the problem is audacity is reading all these files as orphans and unrelated to the project, even when they are the project.

is there any way i can recover the files/force audacity to read them properly?

the “lost/missing” files are in the project data folder, right where they’re supposed to be

That’s only half the act. The AUP Project Manager text file has to know they’re there and how to manage them. If the AUP file is damaged, it may stop looking for those sound files.

There’s no good way to work around that. Once you damage an edited project, the desperation method recovery tools stop working.

Export WAV sound files of all raw, un-edited work. You should be able to open the WAV backups and build the show again, this time being more careful how you power the computer. Audacity Projects are not recommended for backups or archive masters.

It seems like you should be able to record live work, save a Project, edit the Project to the final Master and then export the final MP3, or whatever the final show is. We would add exporting perfect quality WAV (Microsoft) 16-bit sound files of the live recordings before you do anything else.