Audacity Randomly Stops Recording

I’m having the same problem in that the recording stops randomly. Using Windows 10, Audacity v 2.1.2 and used the .exe installer. I just uninstalled Audacity and re-installed and am still having the same problem. I’m trying to record an audio program that was emailed to me. This is from a pay self-help website. They do periodic talks that they email to members. They don’t provide a link to download the audio, but I’ve talked to them and they don’t care if I download (if I can figure out how to do it). I’m using Audacity settings “Windows WAS”, “Speakers and headphones” and “Stereo”. I have recorded several talks previously without a problem. Any suggestions? Thanks.

You are on a different version of Windows, different computer, different workflow so I started a new topic for you. It gets too confusing to answer multiple people in the same post.

Even if Audacity settings are pertinent to the problem, reinstalling Audacity on its own does not reset your settings. To do that, reinstall, but enable the “Reset Preferences” box half way through installation, and confirm reset when you launch Audacity.

You can look online about possible ways of downloading the audio. That is always the preferred option if possible.

In Audacity, choose WASAPI host, “Speakers and Headphones (loopback)” for Recording Device and “Speakers and Headphones” for Playback Device.

Make sure Transport > Sound Activated Recording is off (not checked, not ticked).


Thanks. Will let you know.