Audacity - questions

sorry for my english, i am from Poland,

i am using Audacity since 2012, i am a radio journalist, so i am using only simple editing, and of course also multitrack, to create audio reports composed of music and statements.

The Audacity program till 3,0 v. was a stable and predictable program. Now, in new versions once in ten the program is crushing. The next problem is that the slider reacts to the start-up with a delay! You cannot imagine how horrible it is, making news-reports for my radio station, and such a thing will happen.

What i did is reainstall the program to 3,0 version, and I hope just the program will be stable.

The next problem are the settings. CTRL+P
I have done a lot of settings, but I would like to save them all somewhere in case of reinstall/install to other computer, this is very important. Where can i find a file with my settings for a backup?

I hope that autacity team will work on those problems, thank you, Peter

I’d recommend updating to the new 3.0.5 version which came out today: Audacity ® | Downloads
There have been a lot of bug fixes since Audacity 3.0.0 was released.

The file name is audacity.cfg.
The location of the file depends on what platform you use. See: Preferences - Audacity Manual