Audacity query - mixing music with speech?

Hi everyone,

Good morning.

I am using Audacity version 2.0.6 on Windows 8.1.

Obtained using the zip file.

I am looking to make a short demo of a podcast for a radio show. This demo of my voice will be 5 minutes long.

Now, the first thing I need is a good quality microphone. Is this one any good?

“Behringer XM8500 Ultravoice Dynamic Cardioid Vocal Microphone”

Secondly, I will using that microphone to record myself reading a script to do a mock radio show. Once this is recorded and saved in Audacity, I want to add/fade in/fade out some short bits of music.

How easy or difficult is this to do using Audacity please?

Any tips or any guides available on the Net?

I use Audacity quite a bit, but I have not attempted to mix music and speech together yet.

All pointers welcome.

Many thanks.


There is a tool in audacity called “AutoDuck” can be used to automatically reduce the volume of music when the DJ speaks. Some trial-and-error is required to get the AutoDuck settings correct.

One method of manually fading-in and fading-out is using Audacity’s “envelope tool” …
Envelope tool Demo.gif