Audacity puts my tracks out of sync

Hello, world.
So i need help with a problem im having if someone would be so kind :slight_smile:
Basically, whenever i record a track, its almost as if audacity is lagging and making my tracks out of sync?
im recording guitar tracks with a USB guitar hero mic (jank? perhaps. but it usually works with no problem).
every time i press the stop button, it will stop the recording, but it will add a clip of space if you will, to the track, making the tracks out of sync with each other when played back.
for instance, i record one track of guitar. i record the next track, and stop it with the stop button, and you can visibly see the track being changed after it stops recording. a short length is added on to the end of the track, (maybe its added to the start and this is pushing the track out or something making it appear that way?).
on playback, the second recorded track comes in later than it should, even though that is not how i recorded it.

im using the newest version of audacity… maybe i should just revert to an older version ? or maybe its just a bug and my pc needs a restart. anyway if this is a known problem, help me out please <3

See here: