Audacity Pulling up different error codes on projects. cannot move forward. losing trust

So this has been happening more often, like 420 Podcasts later often, and but because I am not a software guy, I cannot seem to find a solution. Nothing has changed other than the consistency in which Audacity is working. I recorded 1-hr unedited message and go to edit and the sofware starts pulling up an error message when I try to playback the audio to edit. It’s not free if it is costing me time to get a project out right? I see the file but it wont open . So now after the second recording the second one wont play back at all. So its sounds confusing but two separate issues, the first recording won’t open, and the second is open but won’t pay back… I have had a lot of error free time on the software, and but perhaps software is like a car…in that it gets old and starts to break down. Ha, but it is frustrating being a one man show with little knowledge about how to fix this old car when it breaks down. Yes maybe it’s me and i am open to that but…61 year old cars are cool no matter…help lol - the 2nd error message states, "ERROR OPENING SOUND DEVICE. TRY CHANGING THE AUDIO HOST, PLAYBACK DEVICE AND THE PROJECT SAMPLE RATE

Apparently they are halfway through converting a family car into a NASCAR,
and currently it’s not fit for either purpose: between two stools.

Yes I am getting the same message - I have recorded a number of projects recently, Audacity updated and not it won’t play any. I can’t even play any that have been previously exported as MP3. Very frustrating. Any idea how this can be resolved? Can I revert to an earlier version of the software??

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