Audacity Project loading errors

Yea heres the thing… my Audacity Project files (AUP) arent loading onto audacity no matter what i do… so does anyone have any suggestions…

The AUP files aren’t “The Project.” The AUP files are the project manager. The rest of the Project is the _DATA folder and all the stuff in that plus all the music files and clips you used in your show. It could be hundreds of different files. That’s a Project.

AUP files record the folder location and names and the names of each file. If you move anything between the time you saved your project and now, then you have no show anymore. If you can put everything back where it was and make sure all the names are correct, then the show should open up and start singing.

Next time you get to the end of an edit session, Export As WAV to get a sound file. Then make a safety copy of that file to an external drive. Then you can mess around with Projects if you want.


yea but Koz everything is in the folder all the smaller parts and stuff and the aup file still wont come up do you have like a step by step procedure of what to do?

You might mention the version of Audacity and which computer you have. These problems sometimes change between versions.

I have had problems with earlier Audacity (1.2) where I could not “open” the AUP file, but I could perfectly open Audacity first and then File > Open > piano2.aup. Do either of those work?

I can’t be too clear that you can’t change anything after you save your project. No moving the project to another drive, nothing like that. Do you get an error message?


Yea I have version 1.2 could that be a problem? please explain