Audacity project flatline after opening.

Hello everyone,

I have search far and wide to a solution to my problems with audacity and have found nothing that helped. The other day I lost 2 hours of work because audacity crashed and no temporary files were saved on the appdata folder.

Today I rerecorded my project and once again while I was about 80% through it, audacity hit me with a pop up window and closed itself. Once I restarted audacity and selected to recover the project, it told me there were 6 orphan files and suggested I delete them. Once I did however, my entire project’s tracks were flat-lines with no audio. I double checked that my .aup file was in the same folder as my _data folder and it is. I still have all the .au files inside said data folder but no matter what I do, my project still has no audio anymore.

All other project I have in the same path can be opened and played without any problems.

Anyone can try and help me with what’s going on? Seems like Audacity simply doesn’t want me to finish this specific project.

Please state which version of Windows you are using, the exact three-section version of Audacity from Help > About Audacity

Thanks for the reply Steve,

The version is the latest one. Audacity 2.2.0

It would seem that that is the root of the problem, but to diagnose further we would need to know exactly what the pop-up window said.

The default option is to ignore them and work around them.
If you work around the problem then you can check the log (Help menu > Diagnostics > Show Log) to see what / where the orphan files are, and can check that the opened project is complete.