Audacity project files (w7) unable to open in W10

Hi There
I have some old recordings (2012 - 2015) (just voice so nothing complicated) and saved them originally audacity projects. The original recordings were on Audacity using a Windows 7 computer, but now I have windows 10 - don’t know if that is relevant, obviously I now have the latest W10 version of Audacity.
I have come to revisit some of those old recordings and find that they are not able to be opened in audacity - there are hundreds of ‘mini’ files. If I try to open them within Audacity - it opens a new window of Audacity for each of the ‘mini’ files.
I have searched online and through Audacity forum but cannot find a solution. Surely there must be a way to either open these as one in Audacity or make all these small files ‘merge/combine’ or even convert to mp3 (so I can edit) in some way.
Any help appreciated.
Many thanks in advance.

This is a legacy Project example.

The two must be in the same location or folder, have the same name, and it needs to be the name you gave them in Audacity. You can’t change it later.

Right-Click the AUP file > Open with > Audacity.

The AUP file is a project manager text file and you can open it in a text editor (notepad?) and read it (do not save anything).

It should look roughly like this.

If it shows NUL NUL NUL, graphics characters, black blocks, or is blank, that’s the end of the show.

The little AU sound snippets will open and play in Audacity and it is possible if you have tons of time to put the show back together 6 seconds at a time.

If it’s a stereo show, the snippets alternate Left and Right.

Good luck.