Audacity Project Editing

Hi Folks,

I’m just getting into using Audacity (v2) as multi track software after using it as a basic wave editor / processor.
I’m recording live shows on a Zoom R16 then importing the tracks into Audacity for mixing etc.
When I have a mix I think I’m happy with I save the Audacity prtoject and export the mix and burn it onto a cd.

Naturally when I’ve listened to the mix on a couple of different systems I want to change it. When I reopen the Audacity project I don’t see the volume sliders in the same position as when I mixed. Have I lost the mix?

When I create a very simple project and change the sliders with the View > Mixer tool (which also affects the slider to the left of the track), the settings follow the saving of the project. I’m in Version 1.3.14. I wonder if something got lost in the upgrade – or it’s the difference between Mac and Windows.
I’m rousing the constabulary.

If by volume sliders you mean the Gain slider in the Track Details panel at the left of each track - you should see them where you left them. I’m running Audacity v2.0.0 under Windows 7 and I do see them where I left them. The first four tracks of a 49 track mix show their Gain slider as: centre, well left of centre, slightly left of centre and right of centre.

I don’t see the volume sliders in the same position as when I mixed. Have I lost the mix?

Just to be clear, the sliders have all returned to zero/neutral, or are different real values from where you set them?

Win7; Audacity 2.0 release; I just tested with 2 stereo + 2 mono tracks; after saving a project, exiting, re-starting and re-opening all the tracks had respected the Gain & Pan changes I made via the Mixer Board. I repeated the process with a new project using only the sliders on the project’s Track Panels and still all were remembered.

@Mike–What OS are you using?

Sorry folks,

This is an operator error!
I had only used the track information panel. I’d not even realised that I could view a mixerboard. It seems to work like a dream and gets over the problems I’ve had with mixing in the past.



This shouldn’t matter. The mixer board settings are reflected in the sliders on the Track Control Panel and vice versa. However I can understand that using the mixer board is more convenient that using the sliders on the Track Control Panel.

– Bill