Audacity Process Running in task manager, but no window

I’ve been having an issue with Audacity, first with version 1.3.?, now with version 2.0.2, I try to open Audacity but it seems that nothing happens, I check task manager and I see the process is running, but I never get a program window. If I click the shortcut a second time, it tells me that there is already an instance running. What should I look for?

Did you uninstall Audacity 1.3.x before you installed Audacity 2.x? If not, I’d suggest that you do that first. Then try reinstalling Audacity 2.0.2 and select the option to “Reset Preferences”.

Do you have other music software installed?

Yes, I uninstalled 1.3 and reinstalled V2.0.2 several times, going as far as to use revo uninstaller to make sure I got as clean an install as possible. Presonus Studio One is installed on this machine as well, as far as I can remember, they have both been installed on this machine at the same time, even when Audacity was functioning. Also, I am running XP SP3 and I got Audacity from

Just “reinstalling” won’t make any difference. The important step that “may” make a difference is to select the “Reset Preferences” option when it appears in the installation process.

I think that it’s fairly likely that even resetting preferences won’t fix it, but it may, and even if it doesn’t it gives us a clean starting point for the next thing to try.

I have tried at least 1 reinstall (possibly 2 or 3) with the reset preferences checked.

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