Audacity problem : recover data

Hello there,

I ask for any help, here is my problem :

I recorded 2 hours of podcast

My friend saved “Ctrl+S”, but as he seemed to be in a hurry, he made the program crash during the save.


I found a 2hour file of the save, with many empty “6sec” timing in it.

I found my temporary files, with 15 folders and many files in it, which seem to fill in these empty “6sec” holes in the big 2 hour file.

I think that each folder contain the files of a chronological timelapse. The problem is that it seems that in each folder, files are not in the good order. I tried to classify these file by recorded schedule, and hexadecimal order (as the classic crash way explains), but it doesn’t work.

Is there a solution to help me ? Can any program find back the good file order ? Or could Audacity find his way back to put each file in the good place ? ^^

Thank you for any help.


Which Windows do you have and what version of Audacity? All versions if there are more than one. The latest versions of Audacity realize there’s something wrong and should have asked you if you wanted to recover the project on the next launch.


Did you follow That procedure should recover audio in the correct sequence, possibly with some left and right sections of a stereo recording transposed, as long as you never edited the recording.

If you are stuck, fill in your version of Audacity and Windows and tell us exactly where it goes wrong.



Audacity : 2.05
Windows : 7

Indeed, I think my friend opened Audacity after, and clic to recover at the next launch… I’ll ask him what happened then.

Of course I used the recovering crashes manual, but it seems that temporary files left are not in chronological order anymore.

temporary files left are not in chronological order anymore.

The original ones should be in chronological order, but it’s certain they will not be in alphabetic order. Correct me, but the file stamps do not go down to seconds

I hope that is a typo. We made 2.0.5 but not 2.05.

I hope he did not (or will not) save the project with incorrect audio, or close it without saving changes (which will delete the temporary data).

Are you sure you sorted the files by time before renaming them?

The timestamp resolution depends on the file system. In NTFS which modern Windows uses, the date resolution is 100 nanoseconds which is fine enough to distinguish between the AU file for left channel and the AU file for right channel. But you need the Professional version of xplorer 2 to access that level of granularity, to be sure the time sort sorts left and right correctly.

HFS+ used in Mac OS X seems to have only 1 second date resolution, so the manual Audacity recovery is likely to produce some sections where channels are transposed. I have not found (yet) how to make Finder on El Capitan show finer than 1 minute date resolution, but nonetheless the file system resolution is 1 second.


Hello everyone and thank you for your time,

It finally seems that -indeed- temporary files left were in chronological order. So we opened our 2h40 file with many empty periods, and started to fill them with files from all our folders, sorted by “last modification”. It’s weird, because sometime you have to delete some holes, sometime you have 3 or 4 records following in the big file, sometime you have 3 or 4 records following in the files from the folders, and sometimes you have to mix everything. But indeed, it’s just a matter of puzzle-gaming now, and we hope we’ll manage to stick everything together soon.

God bless Audacity !

PS : to rename files, we used Advanced Renamer 3.66, free and which permits us to filter by modification date. But the result is probably the same.

If you can get the AU files renamed while they are in timestamp order, the Audacity 1.2 Recovery Utility should be able to piece the AU files together into a continuous WAV file. It probably can’t cope with recovering more than four folders of AU files at a time though.