Audacity plus?

I was wondering if anyone uses audacity plus another program to get the right sound and wanted to know if this worked well or if it is just a pain? What I want to do is put the main recordings into Audacity, then get picky with my recordings and put them into a place like Adobe Audition or Fruity Loops so I can add in some extras? For instance, if I have a sound file in Fruity Loops, I write it there… but then I need to mesh it with something in Audacity. How do you do this?

I will often use Audacity along side other programs. For example, If I am editing and cleaning up a recording on my Linux machine, I will use Audacity for the editing, and Gnome Wave Cleaner for noise removal. If on Windows, I will use Audition or Cool Edit Pro for noise removal. I sometimes use Audacity to edit recordings that were made in ProTools.

Switching between programs is simple - Just Export from one program as a WAV file, then import into the other program. Almost all audio programs support WAV files.