Audacity plays wav file differently than other players

Hi all,

I am experimenting with trying to perform the heterodyne effect on a bat call. This has involved mixing two wave files: one containing a bat call and the other containing a 32kHz signal. This was all done using SoX.

When I play the output file in audacity it sounds exactly how I would like it. However, when the file played by any other program (e.g. QuickTime, VLC, or my browser on my phone) it sounds different. If I export the file using Audacity to another .wav file then everything sounds as it is meant to.

The .wav file containing the bat call has two channels while the .wav file containing the signal has one. This creates an output file with three channels. My thoughts would be that Audacity is mixing the audio down into two channels differently to the other programs. Does Audacity do other things before it plays a file?

I would prefer not to have to use Audacity to export the audio file to two channels so my entire process could be automated with SoX. Does anyone know why Audacity would play the file differently to other programs?

If needed the files can be found at:
The bat call (amplified and noise-removed):
The 32KhZ signal:
The output(which is played differently by Audacity):


You are correct that Audacity will mix the tracks down to two channels on playback.
My guess is that the other programs are only playing the first two channels and discarding the third.