Audacity playback suddenly stopped?

Well this seems ridiculous. After a bunch of problems with Software Playthrough (different thread/not using it now) I finally got all my ducks in a row to record the bass track. Made some temporary test recordings to set the level on the bass preamp. Played them back just fine. (All other audio players on this PC working fine.) But when I got ready to record the bass while playing back the rhythm section recording, no sound from the speakers. Toggled Overdub on/off several times with no change. I’ve Googled and searched Audacity forums and quadruple-checked Audacity settings. Silence. I can see a big old wave form there, and the output level rising and falling within acceptable range no sound. But Audacity no talky to speakers. Yes speaker volume is up, and, like I said, WinAmp, iTunes etc all play just fine. Tried rebooting. What other clues should I be looking for?

Audacity 2.0.3, WinXP Pro SP3, plenty RAM and free HD space. In/Out settings in Audacity match the Windows Sound control panel. M-Audio Delta 1010LT sound card.

no sound from the speakers.

This is completely beside the question, but you can’t overdub with speakers running. You get double recording of each track and it quickly builds up to a crunchy, overloaded mess. Headphones required.

I know this is a standing joke, but did you try restarting Audacity? If you truly cross-checked all the settings and they’re exactly right, it’s possible Audacity is managing the sound channels wrong. Do you like to use Skype or other conferencing software? That will mess things up good. Skype takes over the computer sound.


The recording is line-in; a standard cable from the electric bass to the preamp then into the audio card. No feedback loop. I’m monitoring the bass with headphones via another one of the outputs from the preamp.

I’ve never had Skype or any other conferencing software.

I have tried restarting Audacity. So, you can see why this surprised me. I’ve spent days getting set up to record this track, and at the critical moment, Audacity poops out.

I’ll try restarting the PC when I get home tonight. Stay tuned to the adventures of home recording …

Well fer cryin’ out loud. Rebooting the PC brought Audacity’s audio output back to life. You’d think that after all these years of using Microsoft’s #@%#! that I’d have learned to try that before posting to a forum.

Thanks everyone who replied.