Audacity playback on EMU [SOLVED]

win 7 professional Audacity 2.0.5. Records OK, when playing back, speaker meter shows output but no sound comes out. Computer generates other sounds OK. Correct sound card (EMU PatchMix DSP) is selected.

Did you turn down either the volume slider to the left of the track or the Audacity Mixer Toolbar by accident? Both of those will kill the Audacity playback.


Both of those are already turned up. Other ideas?

The postings suggest that Emu uses ASIO drivers. Audacity doesn’t easily work with ASIO.


Does any of this work if you don’t go through the Emu system?

Good question. I’ll check that out and get back.

Works if not through EMU card. Good idea. I then tried my fallback troubleshooting routine, which is to mess with everything & tear my hair out. This worked also, as it does from time to time. There’s a panel on the left called “audio track”. The gain was +12 there, I put it all the way up, and adequate sound came out. Maybe the EMU card needed that? A little weird, but all’s well that ends well.