Audacity Performance Problems [SOLVED]


I have this annyoing problem, when I am editing a recorded podcast with mostly 3 to 4 audiolines. When I am cut something out, convert something into silence or want to adjust the volume, audacity almost everytime freezes. My Mouse-Cursor shows the loading symbol, audacity don’t react to any input anymore or just goes white and “No Response” is shown on top of the window. After 10 or more seconds it’s usable again and the cut, silence or whatever I wanted to do is done. This is most of the time, but sometimes in works just perfect without any interruptions.

Seems like it uses all the perfomance of my laptop at once. I have got a Lenovo U410 Laptop with Win 8.1. i5 Dualcore CPU, 4GB RAM, SSD-HDD (where audacity is installed), GeForce 610M with 1GB. This should be enough for audacity, shouldn’t it?

Do anyone have an idea about this? It’s pretty annoying and takes almost forever to edit my podcasts.

How long are the shows?

How big is the SSD and how much room do you have left? My last three computers have had SSDs instead of spinning metal for their speed and robustness, but they’re not as big as spinning metal and I do have to watch not to overload them.

Audacity has to save UNDO and multiple copies of the show during production, so an hour long show with four people and complex editing can get big in a hurry.


Mostly between 1 and 1 1/2 hours.

it’s 32 GB, and there is about 20GB space left.

What hardware-specs do I need for a good performance? More RAM maybe?

I would expect that to work OK. What else are you running? You can get serious troubles with an aggressive Virus Protection product. Take the machine off-line and suspend Virus Protection and monitoring.

What else do you have running? Restart the machine and just use Audacity. Don’t start Skype, email, FaceBook, Chrome, FireFox, etc. If they start automatically, suspend them to see what happens.


I already checked that, I close all other programs, when I am working with audacity. But my GDATA Virus protection is alway on. I will try to switch of my WiFi and my virus protection. Maybe this is the cause.

Some virus programs insist on inspecting everything and that can slow production to a crawl. Also some effects need to load the whole show into memory to work and if it doesn’t fit, it has to swap out to hard drive. That will seriously slow things down.

A common response to your problem is to edit the show in two halves instead of trying to edit the whole thing at once.


That was exactly the problem. I shut down the Virus Live Scanner yesterday and audacity was fast again. Great! Thanks a lot for your help!