Audacity only recording static

Hello, I’ve been using audacity for two years now and have recently come across a problem I have been unable to fix. I recently moved, which I’ve done once before and had zero issues with, but this time when I set up my new booth something is wrong and I’ve only been able to record static.

We only moved within our building, so I just walked the mic stand and mic from the old unit to the new unit. No Biggie. I’ve done that before. But now when I plugged it in at the new place, I get nothing but static. I ran a diagnostic on my computer for the mic and it is said only 4% of the mic volume is being picked up (computer input volume is 100%). I’ve unplugged and re-plugged in every wire. I un-installed audacity and re-installed it. I bought a new XLR cable. I’ve adjusted every button on my Scarlett as well as trying both inputs (its a 2i2). I’ve even updated my computer. So far the only thing that has happened is the static has gotten louder and more pronounced with a new cable, lol. The diagnostic now says I’m getting 22% of the mics volume, but it’s still recording nothing but static. I’ve tapped on the mic to see if anything gets recorded and just the faintest hint of a tapping sound can now be heard underneath the static. I can’t tell where the issue is? The only components left are my laptop, which I’ve already adjusted so the mic volume is at 100%, the Scarlett interface and the mic itself.

So, I tested audacity with another mic. Unfortunately, it’s a prop mic for auditions and isn’t an xlr mic, it’s a straight line in mic to the computer. But, at least I could see from that test that audacity is working just fine.

So, I ordered a wonderful new mic - an AT4040.

It came in today and I set it up and tested it right away. Only problem is, I’ve recorded the same static sound as with the previous mic. The file looks identical. The test says I’m getting between 29-34% of this new mics volume. At this point, the only thing I haven’t replaced is my Scarlett interface. Is it possible that something could go wrong with an interface? Or do you think it is more likely that I’ve messed up some setting somewhere?

I don’t know what this is.

Usually, when I see this it indicates the computer is picking up the tapping from a different microphone - perhaps your built-in microphone. As a test, do Transport > Rescan Audio Devices, the Audio Setup and reselect your microphone. Does that change anyhing?

Note that condenser microphone require 48V phantom power!

Yes. Also with the USB cable.

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