Audacity only plays 1 second

I’ve been having this problem since I installed the version of Audacity (1.3) that comes bundled with OpenSuSE 12.1 When I open a file and try to play it, only 1 second plays and then playback stops.

Today I upgraded to the latest version of Audacity in the hope that that will cure the problem but no. It’s still the same. I open a wav or flac file and press play and just get 1 second of sound.

Can anyone tell me what is wrong?

It could be PulseAudio crashing out. Does your sound system use PulseAudio?

What sort of sound card are you using?
What settings are available in the Device Toolbar and which do you have selected?

Start with a fresh Audacity and Generate > Noise for three seconds. Can you play all three seconds?


When I do different things with my audio settings I sometimes have this happen. It sounds as if you either have the wrong audio drivers selected or possibly configured wrong. It may take going through every setting you have until you find the ones that work for Audacity. Just a suggestion