Audacity - Only Likes 1 of 2 Inputs on UMC202HD

Hey y’all,

Man, I’m about to rip my hair out. I’m on a Windows 10 machine with a Behringer UMC202HD, and for the life of me Audacity (I’ve got 2.4.2) will only record one input, not both simultaneously. I’m running an Audio-Technica PRO37 mic via an XLR plug into one input; the other input is getting a plain ol’ guitar-amp cord that’s plugged into a Breedlove acoustic guitar. I’ve blown copious time on the Internet trying lots of solutions - no dice. Based on stuff found in this forum, I got all my sample rates equivalent across my output, input, and Audacity (44100) - no dice. Have 2 (stereo) channels selected - no dice. Tried this guy’s ( suggestion, to uncheck all those boxes on the Advanced tab - no dice. Shut down and restart - no dice. I know both inputs on the interface are working: on the Sound Settings page, the microphone-test feature shows both inputs working; the interface shows 'em, too, with the signal light lighting up (and the clipping light, too, since I’ve the gains cranked) for both inputs when the respective instrument is played. A curious thing - if I start Audacity with something plugged only into Input 2 and nothing in Input 1, it reads Input 2. Conversely, if I’m plugged into Input 1 but not Input 2, then open Audacity, it’ll read the Input 1 instrument but not the other. If I have both plugged in and start Audacity, it only picks up one. Am I doing something dumb, like just not checking a box or something? I hope so!

Screenshots attached that’ll hopefully help someone out there help my pathetic form right now…and thanks to any of y’all that can throw me a bone here.
Screenshot (6).jpg
Screenshot (7).png
Screenshot (8).jpg

If you record a stereo track, does it record Input 2 on the right (lower) channel and silence on the left (upper) channel?

Hey Steve,

Nope, it records whichever input is working onto both channels.

Disable any “Enhancements” (in the “Enhancements” tab of the “IN 1-2 Properties”)


You the man - that did it. I owe ya a brew!