Audacity only imports 6 minutes of a 60 minute .wav or .flac file

I’ve used audacity for more than a decade & this is the 1st time I’ve had an issue with importing audio. Usually no problem to load a 60 minute. wav or .flac file. Suddenly I’m stuck with a situation where audacity will only import 6 minutes of the audio. Never happened before and nothing I try will fix it.

What’s the file size of the WAV? Is it high resolution?

WAV is limited to 4GB because of a 32-bit file size field in the header. If you have a high-resolution 60 minute file you might exceed that. Above 4GB it “rolls over” and starts counting from zero again.

If that’s the problem you should be able to import it as RAW data. (The header, a few bytes at the beginning, will be converted to “audio” and you can delete that.)

FLAC doesn’t have an artificial limit so I don’t have a guess… (Importing FLAC as RAW data will give you noise/garbage so don’t bother with that.)