Audacity only exporting first 2 hours....

I have an 8 hour audio that I want to export, yet only the firt two hours (1 hr 47 mins to be precise) are being rendered. I’ve tried exporting two ways - Files > Export, and File > Export Selection (obviously after highlighting all the tracks). I’ve tried exporting to different formats and the result is always the same. Any ideas?

What file format are you trying to export as? (including number of channels and sample rate).
Where are you trying to export it to?
Does the full 8 hours play correctly in Audacity?

I’m trying to export as WAV - 96k sample rate - though I’ve tried other sample rates and it’s still only rendering part of the duration. There are 4 tracks in total. The audio plays fine in audacity

By the way I have plenty of free space on my hard drive so I know that’s not an issue

How many channels are in the exported WAV - that is, are you mixing the four tracks to mono or stereo or exporting a four channel file?

Do the tracks start or end at different times? If so you may have muted some of the tracks. Muted tracks are not exported.

Whatever the problem is, WAV files cannot be more than 4 GB in size. To ensure all applications can play WAV files, they should be no more than 2 GB in size. A stereo 2 GB WAV at 96000 Hz could contain about 1.5 hours of audio, a mono 2 GB WAV at 96000 Hz about 3 hours. See: .