Audacity on Ubuntu exhibits transport bug

Hi forum.

I have a problem which might be a bug. There seems to be nothing on this in the archives.

Audacity 2.0.5, new install on a Linux platform: Ubuntu 14.04. Distributor’s release.

Problem: press “Play” button but transport won’t move. No cursor movement therefore no sound.

The cursor tries to start moving but stays at the beginning.

The transport indicators say the “Play” has been pressed, and will indicate pause or cancel when the relevant button is pressed.

If this is a bug then it means reverting to an earlier version of Audacity.

Can anyone help please?

The usual explanation for that is that Audacity is trying to record but is not receiving any audio data, so it just sits there waiting for the audio stream to start.

What are you trying to record and what settings are you using? In particular, what settings do you have in the device toolbar?

Hi, and thanks for the quick reply.

I was not recording anything. I simply loaded a wave file to play it back. The same goes for other formats as well. The curser will not move when Play is pressed. Although it looks like it wants to go.


what settings are you using? In particular, what settings do you have in the device toolbar?

Hi again.

well! would you believe it? Theproblem was not with Audacity at all. It was caused by a bit of software I had never tried before: “Patchage”. It’s meant to “manage Jack and MIDI connections”. Audacity is fine until this garbage is run up. I have always used Jack, and know not to run Audacity at the same time, but this other garbage? forget it.

So no bugs folks only a herring in a primary colour.

Thanks for trying though.

Glad that you now have it working, though I disagree that Patchage is “garbage”. Patchage can be a very useful tool when working with Jack Audio System. You don’t need to use Jack Audio System, so Patchage is inappropriate for your needs. A spanner is “garbage” if you need a hammer, but not garbage if you need a spanner :wink: