Audacity on start show only Debug report

Hello there,
I am using audacity for a while without any problems (btw thanks a lot to the creators). Today i opened it after a few months and it showed me only debug report and that’s it. I reinstalled it with newest version and even with reset preferences, but without any progress. I have windows 10 and absolute no clue what caused the problem.
I attached debug files to this topic except for log.txt because is empty.
pluginsettings.cfg (321 Bytes)
pluginregistry.cfg (40.3 KB)
audacity.cfg (571 Bytes)

“Sonic Studio Virtua” :confused:

Some sort of virtual audio device?


Perhaps this is of help…
Uninstall SONIC STUDIO now! - Republic of Gamers Forum - 822105!

Thanks guys a lot. I uninstalled Sonic Studio and worked it like a charm. <3