Audacity on sale at Windows Store: scam?

On reinstalling Audacity, I decided to check the Microsoft Store app in Win10 this time, in case there’s any benefit to that alternative (update notifications, maybe).

Audacity is on there, but curiously it costs a small fee, and it’s credited to a company called “RepackagerExpress” (dot com). It looks a lot like your free software is being illegally sold.

Since it can be reached by browser too, here’s the link to the Store page:

As far as we are aware, the application that is being sold on Microsoft store is a repackaged version of Audacity. We believe that this product violates Audacity’s registered trademark. It is being sold without approval of the Audacity team, and the company selling it makes no contribution towards Audacity. In my personal opinion, they are parasites.

Please feel free to complain to Microsoft Store about their deception. The technical term for their deception is “passing off”.
I’m not a lawyer, but as far as I’m aware, passing off when a trademark is registered (as is the case with Audacity®) is illegal.