Audacity on Monterey not showing Save or Export dialogue

Hi all,

Upgraded to Monterey on my M1 MBPro, running 3.1.2 and the File… dialogue boxes don’t work.

  • Save Project and Export dialogues don’t show up.
  • The Open and Import dialogue just shows a blank, unresponsive window.
  • The Print dialogues do show up

Other dialogue boxes e.g. filters and effects show up fine. Seemingly only file handling dialogues?

Is anyone else having this?

Really weird.

Works for me on Monterey with 3.1.2


Huh, how odd. I suppose I’m SOL until this magically resolves itself then?

Do I file this as a bug? I have made a .zip as instructed. The flows I can find are as follows:
Open Inkscape
Open File dialogue works.
Open a file, working fine
File - Export: nothing shows
File - Open: blank grey dialogue now shows (cmd-W to close blank dialogue)
File - Save Project: nothing shows (12.9 KB)

Try posting to the Audacity Discord channel to see what (if anything) the devs have to say about it:

I’m having an identical problem running 3.1.2 on Monterey with a 2018 MBP.

Did you get anywhere near solving it? I’ve tried a few clean reinstalls and saying the magic swearword, but nothing seems to help.

In fact scratch that, I just stumbled on something. Were you using an additional display(s)/hub with your MBP? I’ve found that if I disconnect my other displays and outputs, Audacity works fine (including save and export dialogues etc). Slightly annoying, but with a time-dependent project to finish I’m happy I’ve found a workaround for the time being.