Audacity on Mac and Lexicon Lambda SCard Recording

Hi All,

Keep encountering this problem from time to time. When I record my vinyl mix into Audacity, i use a Lexicon Lambda Audio Interface. My lexicon is plugged into my Mac via USB. Sometime when I record, at first my audio clip sounds clean and crisp, then when I save it and reload it up in Audacity, it plays back with a lot a blips and pops which make it sound laggy and inaudible. Any comments as to why this keeps happening? I keep all my other apps closed so as to preserve CPU speed and memory. But I can’t seem to nail whats going on.

Usually a restart and a re-record is my only remedy - a bit frustrating given my vinyl mixes kind of blossom with spontaneity.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Mac OSX - OS X El Capitan Ver 10.11.6
I obtained the .dmg file.

Try this FAQ: