audacity not working with jack, unable to record anything, hydrogen, guitarix, etc, nothing

i just upgraded to ubuntu studio 20.04.1, and it came with the latest version of audacity. previously, i had the option of selecting server (jack, or alsa) from a menu at the top left corner, and the source (apps like hydrogen and guitarix) from a menu to the right of the source menu. Firstly, the menus are not built properly and the texts are not clearly visible. And when i click on the dropdown menu, no options are available. I have post a screenshot to make things clear…
audacity 2.png

Probably not. The latest release version is Audacity 2.4.2.
According to this page: Ubuntu 20.04 has Audacity 2.3.3.
You can check the version number in “Help menu > About Audacity”.

If the current Audacity release (2.4.2) is built correctly, the menus display correctly in xorg sessions. (Audacity is not yet fully supported by Wayland).

I’m not quite clear. The second screenshot appears to show available options :confused:

well yes, the version of audacity is 2.3.3. The options which you see are not correct. I have been using audacity since a while, and the options are very clear about which app to use. In this case, not a single app is listed. You can see hydrogen and guitarix running in the background alongside jack. And i suspect something’s broken because the first two menus list the same options…

It works fine with audacity 2.4, i guess 2.3.3 is glitchy. But the latest version works just fine…

Did you build it from source, or were you able to find a good build somewhere?