Audacity not work in Deepin (ubuntu)

Hello guys!

I use deepin, a distro linux and i always used the audacity, but i updated my version the deppin and when i go using he opened empty, in blank. Someone can help me?

What version of Audacity are you using - a version from Deppin’s repository, or did you build Audacity yourself?

If you updated Deppin and have an old repository version of Audacity, perhaps you want to update your repository version of Audacity.

If that does not help, please show us a screenshot of Audacity opening blank, so we can see what happens. If it is a configuration problem, exit or force quit Audacity and delete the folder ~/.audacity-data/.


I deleted ~/.audacity-data/, but not work :neutral_face:

As I asked and suggested:

And if you do have the latest repository version of Audacity, I suggest you report the problem to Deppin. They provide their repository build, not us.


Okay, I’ll try to correct this error alone. Thanks for nothing.

Sorry but you have not helped yourself by refusing to answer our question about what version of Audacity you are using, and refusing to say whether you have tried to update your repository version of Audacity.

To repeat for you, Audacity does not package the Deepin (not Deppin) repository build of Audacity. Deepin do, and we have no control over what they do. The obvious assumption is that it’s a packaging error, or perhaps you have changed something you have not told us about, like updating to open source video drivers.

Deepin appears to be currently based on Debian unstable, according to, having for several years previous been based on Ubuntu. Perhaps that change back to Debian unstable is something to do with it.

If you find something out from, we encourage you to post back.