Audacity not showing on right click menu?

Hi Guys,

Just new here. I installed Audacity on my Windows 7 pc. I simply want to import voice memos from I-Tunes from my iphone into Audacity to edit.

Question is; How do I get Audacity to show up on my right click menu when I right click on the file in windows explored? I get all the basic media players showing up but not Audacity?

Thanks in advance,


Probably the easiest thing is to just drag and drop the files onto Audacity.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your response. It is one way I guess of doing it, but if anybody knows how to get audacity to show up on right click I would be grateful for your help.



Audacity doesn’t come with ready file associations except for its own AUP project files.

Right-click over a file, choose “Open with” then “Choose Default Program”. In the “Open with” dialogue, press “Browse…” and navigate to where audacity.exe is - it’s probably in Program Files or Program Files (x86). Select and open “audacity.exe”. If you want Audacity to always open this type of file, check the “Always use…” box.

Or you can create your own custom right-click context menu and call it “Edit with Audacity” or what you will. See here .