Audacity Not Seeing USB Port Source [SOLVED]

Greetings. Yesterday I installed Audacity 2.1.0 on my Macbook running os x 10.7.5 and it opened up fine. It appears to be picking up audio when I select the internal mic as a source, so all should be well (he said naively). Unfortunately, I want to use an external audio source via a usb port, and have the appropriate analog/digital converter, but it doesn’t appear as a source option, only “built-in input” and “built-in microphone”. I checked that the driver was installed by the converter and found “USB PnP Audio Device” listed in the computer’s USB bus, as it should be. So, not being a big techno-head, I am stuck. The hardware end seems to be as it should, but the Audacity software doesn’t see it as a source. Where is the issue? Thanks.

Audacity checks for new stuff when it starts. So connect everything and make sure it’s all working perfectly and then start Audacity.

You can also try Transport > Rescan…


That did the trick - thanks!