Audacity not running in Moutain Lion 10.8.2?[SOLVED]

Hi guys

Would love to get started with Audacity but it seems like it doesnt want to run on my 10.8.2 MBPr laptop? It just crashes on startup every time. Anyone else in this situation?

A crash on startup is often caused by incompatible VST or Audio Unit plug-ins.

See this page for how to check if this is the case

– Bill

Thanks! i unchecked my audio units in the prefs after temporarily removing them from the folder, and it ran immediately, thanks!

I had the same problem but here’s where I found the solution : (scroll down to the reply posted by Gale Andrews)

Thanks. The audacity.txt posted there just resets all settings to default (the default allows VST/AU support). So the problem you had must have been something else.

If it’s OK I’ll lock this topic now so that it shows a clean solution where the problem is VST/AU plug-ins.