audacity not responding

I have an issue when some files slow down and eventually dont respond, it seems to be when i am pasting multiple times sections of room noise to cover any glitches between sentences, it is only the file i am working on that is affected but no amount of rebooting etc will bring it back to a usable file, i am trying to narrate an audio book, and I created the files without any issue but during the mastering i am getting the same issue multiple times ?

This issue looks familiar. See: (read all the way through to the end)

What version of Audacity are you running?

As a workaround, try exporting your audio to a .WAV file, then importing into a new project.

I have reported this issue on github here: Pasting “Room Noise” Stalls Audacity #1357

Thanks for that, yes that’s exactly my issue, Audible needs a room noise rather than dead quiet and it’s very difficult to avoid some kind of issue with breathing and mouth clicks between sentences, what i am doing now is recording all in smaller files and saving to a different name when I start cleaning up so i don’t leave so much to redo, also as soon as i see the paste slowing down I copy into a new file and continue which works it’s just annoying, once i have the small files clean i should hopefully be able to merge them all together :unamused:

spawneydave, I would like to take a look at an .aup3 file that demonstrates this issue - if you care to zip it up and upload it to a public file server, then post or PM me the link.