Audacity (not responding)

Hi Team I note you are not officially supporting Windows 10 yet but I have been using Audacity 2.1.1 successfully for several weeks on Windows 10 with no problems. Yesterday, I started up Audacity and got the (not responding) at the very top of the screen. I had to terminate the program and was unable to restart Audacity until I restarted the computer. Then I was able to restart but I got the same error message. I uninstalled / reinstalled Audacity but the same thing happened again. Next time I just immediately opened the Help menu which was OK but when I tried to print the error log, I got (not responding) yet again. I use Audacity all the time for my choir practice. Please help. Many thanks John

Reinstalling Audacity doesn’t reset Audacity. During the installation process, it should ask you if you want to reset all your preferences (or some words like that). Say yes.


I use Audacity all the time for my choir practice.

How? Describe what you’re doing and include part numbers and details. Pretend I want to do it the same way.


Thank you for your quick response. I uninstalled and reinstalled Audacity, this time clicking on the Rest preferences box. Sadly no change. Even worse. I just get your small splash screen but clicking on the GUI on the Task Bar it states Audacity not responding.

I record a piece of music probably from Youtube into Total Recorder. I save it as an mp3. I import it into Audacity and save it as an *.aup. I then normalise it and then play and replay sections of the music while I sing to it. Is that want you need to know?

Yes, but sing to it as in plain “singing in the shower,” or sing to it as in overdubbing to record your work? I’m trying to establish if there’s a microphone involved in any of this.

No microphone. Just as in the shower.

Sorry Team It now appears highly likely I have been subject to a virus attack. Computer is now being serviced. Sorry to trouble you. I have now got Audacity working 100% on my wife’s computer. John