Audacity not responding on startup with larger file

I have an audiobook project that was working fine every time I opened it to record chapters during the spring. Now that I am trying to open it to work on editing the tracks, I get a “not responding” on startup that goes on forever so I can’t do anything at all and have to close out. I was using a 2.2.x version and just tried downloading and updating to the latest 2.3.x version, still no luck. I’m on a Windows 10 computer. I’ve got twice as much RAM now than I did in the spring, so that shouldn’t be the issue. Any suggestions? I work with large file sizes for audiobook recordings all the time and never have had a problem before.

Never mind. I shut everything down, left the computer completely off for several hours (rather than just a simple restart), and everything is working now. The mysteries of computing :laughing: I still got the “not responding” issue at startup, but after about 45 seconds it let me into edit the file.

You didn’t say if you were trying to open an Audacity project or a WAV file…

If you’re not doing this already, “be smart” and save WAV (or FLAC) backup files of anything “important” whether or not you make an Audacity project. And, then use whatever other backup procedures you feel necessary depending on the importance and the difficulty of replacing/reproducing the recordings.