Audacity "not responding" ? it just sits there

using 3.2.4 with windows 10 for audio book production. In the past month or so Audacity tracks have begun “not responding” for long periods of time. I must wait patiently while something is happening somewhere, (8 to 10 seconds) and then Audacity will either open the track I want or run the effect desired. This is consistent across all tracks short or medium or long. Very different from the very quick responses I used to have.

My PC has lots of hard drive space and I am running on solid state drives. Nothing else hangs up like this. It is frustrating to run macros because a process that used to take 2 seconds now takes 10 or more then the next process takes another 10 seconds etc. Any ideas?

What appear to be short tracks can be very long:
with the introduction of non-destructive editing in v3.1,
a short “smart” clip from a long file still contains a copy of the long file it came from.

A workaround is to copy the entire project, creating a version without the hidden “smart clip” data … Allow deletion of unused smart clip data · Issue #4715 · audacity/audacity · GitHub

Thank you. That may explain why this happens. I will experiment with copying the entire track and pasting into new one.

Check Audacity preferences is set only to paste selected audio between projects, (not “smart clip”).

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