Audacity "Not Responding" for up to 60 sec for any command if Mic is Connected

this morning I was attempting to use audacity with my Blue Yeti mic, and it wouldn’t even launch the application. I now believe that would’ve been subjective to whether or not the mic was connected at the time.
I went ahead and uninstalled, then reinstalled the newest version of audacity (3.4.2 I believe) upon reinstall (at least the 3rd time) I checked “reset all preferences” as was cited to be a fix for a similar problem on forum.

As of now as long as my mic is not plugged n the application works without a problem, as soon as the mic is connected any and all commands within audacity sent the app into a 30-60 second holding pattern before performing function including basic recording.

I have used this same mic before and never had a problem & never had to make any settings changes to make it functional

it randomly resolved itself after i had given up… 11 hrs later

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