Audacity Not Recording

I updated Win10 to the 1803 version and now I find that I cannot record (I’m on Audacity 2.2.2). Initially I got the message lots of others got (try changing host etc.) but after fiddling with the settings I don’t get that now but when I click the record button I get a red triangle coming up at the start of the recording box, at 0 seconds, and when I hover over it I get “timeline actions disabled during recording” I have never before seen this message nor the red triangle. This is very frustrating as everything was fine before this latest Win10 update and I have the Settings exactly as before.

Any help will be appreciated.


What are you recording?


Hi Koz,

Thanks for replying. I want to record a lecture that’s on the net.

Small note here, recording material from the internet is frowned on for copyright violations, etc, so computer makers are not falling over each other to make this easy. I’m not shocked you did an update and the process dropped dead.


Have a look at Timeline

The lecture does not have any copyright restrictions, it is free to all.

I have been through all the info you sent me and after making adjustments to Playthrough it is now recording again. :slight_smile:

The red triangle that kept appearing is “The unpinned-head record cursor: (when recording or paused during record) is shown as a large red triangle” and moves along when recording is occurring.

Many thanks for your help which has relieved a great frustration. :slight_smile: