Audacity not recording

Using a Behringer usb for input from my analog turntable. Audacity does not record, I simply get the straight line with no wave indication. When attempting to record I select to start monitoring and the indicator bars show levels moving with the music for both speakers and record and I do hear the sound coming out the internal speakers. I have check all that I think are obvious but nothing. Obviously any help is appreciated.

Which version of Audacity and which Mac OS X version?
What Mac model? (iMac, MacBook, etc).
What model Behringer USB interface?
How is the turntable connected to the Behringer?
When you click to start monitoring, what is the highest level you see on the meters? (Using the UFO-202 I get peak levels around -12 dB.)
Have you set Software Playthrough in Recording Preferences ? (You need to do that in order to hear while you are recording.)
What settings have you made in the Device Toolbar?
Do you get an indication on the recording meters after you click the Record button?
– Bill