Audacity Not Recording

I recently purchased a new laptop that utilizes Windows 10. I downloaded the latest version of Audacity but I cannot record from saved audio files or audio from websites. I was able to open a previously saved audio file and then edit it and export it as an mp3. It seems the only thing I cannot do is record into Audacity. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Why would you need to “record” a saved audio file? Use “File menu > Import > Audio”.

To record audio that is playing on your computer, use the “WASAPI loopback” method described here: Audacity Manual

I’m a play-by-play sportscaster and I have entire game broadcasts saved on my computer. If I want to record just a 10-minute sample size from a file, I pull it up and play the part I want to record in real time.

Which version is that? 2.1.1? 2.1.2-alpha? We always want to know all three version numbers.

I do see the convenience versus waiting to import a file as a waveform, but you still have the problem that the recording is an extra step of quality loss. Even WASAPI loopback recording is not a byte-for-byte copy of the original, and if your e-mail comes in “ding-dong” in the middle of the recording you will record that sound (unless you have turned all sounds off in Windows).


Thank you so much for your help. The instructions worked and I can now record. Have a great day!