Audacity not recording with U-PHONO UFO202


I have Mac Mojave 10.14.5 and Audacity 2.3.2 The sound source is a cassette tape recorder, which is connected to the Behringer, which is in turn plugged into my iMac USB port. I’ve also checked the Preference settings both on the iMac and Audacity for correctness.

When I launch Audacity and turn on the tape player, then hit the red Record button in Audacity, the program immediately pauses. At bottom left of the Audacity window, it says “Recording Paused.” No sound is coming through anywhere and Audacity hasn’t recorded at all.

Behringer claims there is no driver needed for this to work, and provide links to Audacity expressly for using with their hardware.

Any tips will be appreciated. I have loads of audio to digitize.


Check that “Sound Activated Recording” is NOT selected in “Transport menu > Transport Options”.


I just bought an Audacity cassette transfer machine. I tried following the instructions, but every time I go to record, I get the following post:

"Error opening. Recording Device Error Code -9997. Invalid sample rate.

Can someone please explain what that means and how to get past it?


See this page in the Audacity Manual: