Audacity not recording vinyl on USB turntable

My Audacity has been upgraded on my Windows 11 operated laptop, and the Audacity program recognises my USB turntable in the audio setup, but when I go to record a vinyl, the sound doesn’t appear. I’ve tried disconnecting everything and restarting my computer but nothing seems to work.

Has anyone experienced this problem and overcome it?


You can try Listen To This Device. If Windows is “getting the sound” you should be able to hear it without running Audacity (or any application).

If the sound isn’t getting-into Windows it will never get-into Audacity. And if Windows is picking-up the signal Audacity can almost always record it.

Almost all USB turntables have a line-output that you can plug-into your stereo (or TV). (Sometimes there is a switch to bypass the internal preamp so you can use your own phono preamp). Are you getting any analog output? If the analog isn’t working the digital won’t work. But, if the analog works the digital could still be defective.


Thank you for this reply! I apologise for the delay in seeing it and replying to it. I went to my microphone settings and, unknown to me, the microphone for the USB turntable was muted. As soon as I unmuted it, it worked fine in Audacity. I’m now finally digitising some recent vinyl purchases.

You have my unconditional appreciation and thanks!


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