Audacity not recording my headset noice

I record my gameplay audio using Audacity but it doesn’t pick up my headset audio which I need because I need to record my friends voice on skype, please contact me with a solution with this problem!

Thanks & Regards Azy

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You probably can’t do what you want. Recording Skype is bad enough, but throw the game in there and it’s pretty much hopeless unless the game has provision to do this.

If you’re doing game and commentary on two different computers, you can use the game system to record game sound and a program like Pamela to record the Skype conversation. Marry them later in Audacity.


Is the game audio something you are hearing? If so and you use Soundflower , make “Soundflower (2 ch)” the default output device in Apple Audio MIDI Setup, set up Skype to use “Soundflower (2 ch)” as the input and output, then Audacity to record from “Soundflower (2 ch)”, does that work?