Audacity Not Recording In Windows 8.1 [SOLVED]


Forgive me if this has been previously covered.

I installed Audacity on my computer. It plays wave files very well. However, when I go to record, the cursor just sits there at zero and shakes. When I stop trying to record, a latency problem message pops up. I have tinkered with latency settings, but I think there is some other setting in Audacity or Windows that needs corrected. Audacity works fine for recording on my “old” computer, but my old computer has a bad sound card. Not sure why Audacity doesn’t on my new one. Can anyone help? Surely this isn’t a unique problem.



Are you using 2.0.6 from Audacity ® | Download for Windows?

The setting to change in Audacity is “Audio to buffer” in Recording Preferences. Its default of 100 ms is usually OK.

If it’s a USB recording device, don’t use a computer USB hub.

Otherwise I suggest you use the WIN + X menu to shut down the computer completely. Then restart and see if you can record.

If you are still stuck, please post the contents of Help > Audio Device Info… top right of Audacity and tell us exactly what you are trying to record and what recording equipment you are using.


Thank you! I really appreciate your fast reply. You nailed it. Apparently, I had my TASCAM interface plugged into the “wrong” place in the back. It plugged in okay, but didn’t work there. I moved it to another port and now I can once again record using Audacity. Only this time, I believe my recordings will turn out a little better because I’m using a better computer with a much better sound card.

Thanks again!