Audacity not recording audio coming out of speakers


Right now I am having this problem with audacity. I am in Windows 7, and when I am trying to record a sound that I can hear out of my speakers, it doesn’t record it. It just records silence. Why is it doing this? In Windows xp, it works fine.

There is a tutorial here:

I have followed the tutorial there, but it does not work.

Which bit doesn’t work? What happens?

I have a sound playing from youtube. But audacity doesnt recognize the sound, only records silence.

Do you have Audacity set to record from “Stereo Mix” in the Device Toolbar?

Hi again,

My audacity does not have that option. only windows direct sound, and MME microphone. neither of these work.

Have a look here to see if it is possible to enable “Stereo Mix” on your computer:
If it is not possible, look a bit higher up the page (here: for possible workarounds.