Audacity not recording after upgrading to Windows 10


I have just upgraded to Windows 10 and Audacity has stopped recording. There are no errors that appear, just that when you click record the wave box shows but the time doesn’t start progressing. it just stays on 0:00 seconds. It was working perfectly fine on Windows 8 however no it doesn’t. I have upgraded to the latest version and checked to make sure everything is set correctly. everything is as it was before upgrading, but the time never starts after pressing record.

Has anyone else come across this issue? f so is there a way to solve it?


P.S. before you say anything, i have the latest drivers and everything is set up to the way it was before upgrading to Windows 10.

Check that “Sound Activated Recording” is not enabled (near the bottom of the Transport menu).

If that’s not it, please tell us what you are trying to record and what settings you have in the device toolbar.