Audacity not recognizing DJM 900 as Input

This may not be the right forum for this but I have everything routed and working. All I needed was Audacity to recognize DJM900 so I can record separate tracks. I can record 2 tracks of audio only, amy help?

AH I see whats happening here, Audacity will only recognize the DJM when it is running on the same laptop as the DJM software, as the way I had it was
I have TWO Macbook Pro Laptops

Macbook Pro 1
DJM software, Recordbox
USB A from DJM running into a 4 channel USB powered hub

Macbook Pro 2
Audacity running on MacBook Pro 2 connected thru record out of DJM900 connected thru headphone jack

Streaming on these MacBook Pros with 2 USB hubs and a few cameras are not the best way to go.

Any help or insight?