Audacity not recognizing 3rd and 4th input

i’m using Audacity version 2.4.2 on macOS Big Sur 11.6.
Audacity doesn’t seem to recognize the 3rd and 4th input on my audio interface (Behringer U-Phoria UMC404HD).
The first two are working completely fine, but it doesn’t show 3 and 4. In Ableton all inputs are working and showing up perfectly, so I’m sure it has to do something with Audacity, not the interface.
Thanks for all help.

Sometimes these multi-channel devices mount as two different devices and 3 and 4 appear as Left and Right in a separate device. Is its USB name USB Audio CODEC? Is there more than one available?

There is no natural, automatic, multi-channel mount. There is only Mono and Stereo. That’s what the instructions mean when they say it plugs into any computer and automatically starts working. Sometimes they mount Stereo-Mono-Mono.

Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Devices > Recording.

Sometimes, there are software packages or drivers that will allow Audacity to record all four (or as many as you have) at the same time.