Audacity Not recognising some Shortcuts or Symlinks

Audacity Version 2.0.3
OS X version 10.8.4

I am using Audacity as my Ableton Live audio editor. When I try to export, I am unable to open the Ableton User Library folder via its shortcut on the desktop (through the open file dialogue box). I created a symlink but same result. I have found, however, that if I drill down to the User Library folder (which is in Users/myname/Music/Ableton I can access the folder and export audio OK. Also, if I try opening a file, I can access the User library symlink OK (again, by the open file dialogue box). Am I doing something stupid?

Thanks for any help.

Audacity doesn’t really work very conveniently as an external editor for other programs, it’s something that we should improve some time.

Please give steps 1, 2, 3… how you created the Desktop shortcut to Ableton and how you created the symlink. It can’t be tested otherwise.


Thanks for your reply Gale.

I just created a standard folder shortcut (alias) to the Ableton User Library folder and placed it on my desktop. When I try to export a file in Audacity using the standard open/save dialogue box I am able to select the user library alias but not open it; it is greyed out. I know some programmes have problems with aliases so I created a symlink to the Ableton User Library folder by using a freeware add-in (Symboliclinker Unfortunately I am also unable to open the symbolic link through Audacity’s open/save dialogue box when exporting files.

If I try to open a file through Audacity, then I can select the symbolic link and open it. This works with a standard alias too.

Audacity is linked to Ableton only through the Preferences>File/Folder>Sample Editor option. It only opens the audio file selected in Ableton in Audacity. Nothing more.

It is not really a big deal though as previously stated, when in Audacity and exporting with the open/save dialogue box, even though I cannot open an alias or symlink to the user folder if I drill down the folder hierarchy to the original of the Ableton User Library folder then I can open it and export.