Audacity not recieving audio from soundcard

I’ve searched the FAQ, Manual and here in the forum but can’t find anything relating to my problem.

My setup is as goes: guitar → amp (line out) → effects → mic in ( or even line in) Creative Sound Blaster Live! value w/ kx project drivers. My OS is Windows Xp Sp3 with Audacity 2.0.0.

My problem is that no matter what I do, Audacity won’t work with the sound-card. I’m getting sound out of the speakers but the Audacity won’t pick up anything even when I try to record. I have the audacity set to the sound-card and both the speakers and guitar are properly plugged into the card but nothing happens. I went into the mixer for the card and have everything setup right I think, and just to be sure I messed around with all the settings.

Now, when I plug directly into the computers mic in and output and set the audacity to it, it works. So I know that audacity is working. And again, I get sound from the speakers with the card so I know that it’s working also.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling both the card and audacity but still nothing. I have messed around with all the settings in both the card and audacity but again nothing.

Can someone help me please, am I doing something wrong?

Ignore the speakers for a minute. When you plug the guitar directly into the soundcard Line-In, you can record in Audacity, right? You get the red recording meters jumping and you get a wiggly blue timeline like this…

With a guitar, it might not get that high, but you can get something. The soundcard Mic-In should overload if you do that. A guitar pickup is too powerful for Mic-In (usually).

Still with the speakers off, unplug the guitar and plug it into the amp and plug the amp into the soundcard Line-In. No effects. Press record and Audacity gets a signal again, right? Bouncing red sound meters – only this time maybe higher?


When I use the sound-card, no, nothing. Audacity doesn’t get anything with either line in or mic in even with the guitar plugged directly in. Only works when I use the computers mic in or line in but not the card. I can’t record and the red meters aren’t doing anything when I hit start monitoring. When I do hit record it doesn’t move but says it’s recording.

Well, I uninstalled and reinstalled the card and audacity again and it seems to have fixed itself somehow. So, everything is now working. Don’t know if it’s temporary or not but it’s okay for now.